June 04, 2019

JobCoin Escrow Updates

Escrow Application period: June 4, 2019 ~ June 10, 2019
Escrow lock up period: 6 months,1 year
Bonus Information:
Applicant will be able to receive an 10% extra tokens by locking JOB tokens for 6months after June 10, 2019. Applicants will also receive an extra 30%, totaling 40%e extra bonus tokens if they lock up their tokens for a year. On top of
that, if applicants opt to apply to utilize JOB tokens as collateral in margin trading on BitKing exchange, they will be able to receive an extra 30% bonus tokens in 6 months and another 30%, totaling 60% on June 10, 2020. In total,
applicants have the opportunity to receive an 100% bonus tokens by applying for margin trading on BitKing(60% bonuses) and locking tokens in an escrow account(40% bonuses).

Margin: Even during the lock up period, if applicants have selected to use JOB as collateral in margin trading on BitKing Exchange, they will be able to trade with an extra 40% bonus tokens and extra 100% in a year. In example, if applicants put in 100JOB in escrow, they will be able to trade with 200JOB as a margin.

However, the total JOB in escrow and any surplus created from trading will not be able to withdraw until 6 months or a year from June 10, 2019. In example, by putting 100JOB in the escrow account, an extra 100JOB will be distributed
hence, one will be able to utilize 200JOB for collateral. If they were able to create an extra 100JOB from trading, the total 300JOB will only be able to withdraw after a year. *if applicant opts only to lock up JOB for 6months, they
will be able to withdraw JOB after December 10, 2019.

In order to utilize JOB tokens in margin trading on BitKing while keeping JOB on escrow, applicants will have to go through a KYC process. Please refer to the following steps. However, for those who already have an account on BitKing, they will have to create another account. All JOB in escrow and used as margin trading will be locked up for a period of 6 months or year so in the event of depositing extra JOB tokens, user will not be able to withdraw any tokens until end of lock up. If you would like to transfer JOB during this period, please create an extra account.

JobCoin Escrow application instructions (June 4~)

Step 1
Transfer JOB to JOBCOIN Escrow wallet address
JOBCOIN Escrow wallet address: 0x954EC4Cddad53EbcE0d9164BED8d545188b0631c
*please transfer JOB that has already been swapped to JOB2.0
*all JOB1.0 will not be considered for bonuses

Step 2
Please click on the url below and fill out the following questions
1. Name
2. Number of JOB sent
3. Sender wallet address
*Please do not send JOB from an exchange hot wallet. Any JOB sent from a exchange hot wallet will not be considered
*Please send JOB2.0. JOB1.0 will not be subject to escrow
4. Lock up period (6months, 1 year)
5. Would you like to use JOB tokens for margin trading
*If yes, how many JOB would you like to lock up
*Please enter new email address you registered with BitKing
*Caution: If you register with your old BitKing address, you will not be able to receive bonus tokens.