May 08, 2019

JobCoin Expand Its business on a Global Scale

JobCoin has been rigorously working to expand its business on a global scale.Starting with actively talking to different countries to adopt the concept of APSE(advance payment salary equivalent), we have partnered with VISA for mass adoption of our technology and currently, preparing to open JobCoin exchanges in developing countries so the mass can easily convert their JOB tokens to local currencies.

On top of these developments, we have identified current problems and hurdles that may arise using “Proof of Work(PoW)” and “Proof of Stake(PoS)“so we are in production of a new blockchain concept “Proof of Sharing.”

So, what are the flaws and problems that may arise from PoW and PoS?

For starters, PoW and PoS are a consensus algorithm that achieve Byzantine Fault Tolerance which is the foundation of the technology behind Ethereum and Bitcoin protocol. Currently with these protocols it is difficult to exchange data confidently and without verifying the data.

With Proof of Sharing, we will be able to allow cooperating actors to have exchange data securely with less friction, satisfying both confidentiality and verifiability.

Businesses such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple are currently exploring the possibilities of “Proof of Sharing.” In that sense, we are confident that this business model will be able to see fruit and be at the center of innovation for the time being.