May 09, 2019

Token swap from JOB1.0 to JOB2.0

After the announcement that JobCoin(JOB) will be used as a margin trading currency on BitKing exchange, we have upgraded the current JobCoin tokens to meet the demands in this new setting. For those who currently hold JOB tokens you will be able to swap JOB tokens into JOB2.0 by the following procedure.

*For the IEO on Coinbene, they will be selling and listing JOB2.0

JOB token holders will be able to swap their JOB tokens starting May 8, 2019 for a limited time. A separate notice will arrive from where each individual has bought JOB tokens.JOB token holders will be able to swap out their current JOB tokens through the address below.


Please follow the directions below to successfully swap JOB tokens to JOB2.0 tokens

Step 1. Send JOB tokens
- Send JOB tokens to the address specified by the third party where you initially purchased JOB tokens

Step 2. Send the below information to the thirdparty relaier
- Name
- Email address
- Phone number
- Address
- Wallet address
- Passport picture or government issued ID picture
- Number of JOB tokens sent
- Transaction TXID
- Length of time to freeze JOB tokens (none/6months/1year)
- If you would like to use JOB tokens as a margin trading currency (yes/no)
- If yes, how many JOB tokens would you want to lock up

If token holder opts not to lock up JOB tokens, JOB2.0 tokens will be sent from initial purchasing relaier to your wallet address

Step 3. Custom token ticker and information for JOB2.0

Contact: 0x3ff2ccac5e8d09a25c5b9aaad8206a98deaa0953
Symbol: JOB
Decimals: 18