April 10, 2019

50% Bonus Tokens by Transferring JobCoin to an Escrow Account

Token holders will be able to receive up to 50% bonus tokens by transferring JobCoin to an escrow account by April 23, 2019. By locking tokens in the escrow account for a half a year(until 10/23/2019) and a year (until 4/23/2020) after transferring, token holders will be able to receive 20% and 30% bonuses respectively totaling 50% bonus tokens.

How to transfer JobCoin to escrow account

Step 1: Transfer JobCoin to JobCoin Escrow account: 0x638920e829b2c3b9DD2142196737868A5906269d

Step2: Please send information below to escrow@jobcoin.ch
1. Total number of JobCoin tokens to be transferred
2. Token holder address
* please be advised that any transfers originating from an exchange hot wallet will not be considered for bonus tokens.
* Please transfer funds from MyEtherWallet
3. Time requested to keep tokens locked in escrow account ( 0.5years/ 1 year)

Step 3: once locked period is over, token holders will be able to withdraw bonuses