May 14, 2019

The CEO of Coinbene Japan, Liam Park will now officially be an advisor for JobCoin!

Liam Park is the Chief Executive Officer of CoinBene Japan, majored in politics at Korea University. He has worked over 10 years in tokyo, familiarizing with Japanese business practices. Before rising to the role of CEO at Coinbene Japan, Liam owned a mining company that successfully completed an ICO. With his extensive knowledge in Blockchain and cryptocurrency, he saw JobCoin as a promising project, worth part taking in future development. We at JobCoin are excited with future collaborations with Liam to solve inequality for financial refugees!

“Hello I’m Sammy from JobCoin. Hello I’m Liam Park from Coinbene Exchange.” Sammy: As we are aware, JobCoin is scheduled to be listed on Coinbene on May 17. We’ve long been waiting for this moment hence we would appreciate much if you can show your strong support and interest in JobCoin as listing date is nearing. JC is known for its APSE so it would be wise to visit Coinbene to learn more about our services and gain wider awareness. Liam: As the head of Coinbene JPN, I’ve seen many Blockchain projects on Coinbene platform but JC in particular attracted my attention because of the fact that it can serve the financial infrastructure in South E. Asian countries and help low-income earners by using JC’s fin service. And I look forward to collaborating with JC as a partner. Sammy: So again, Jc will list on May 17 on Coinbene and we will have more updates for you through JC website and other community channels. Thank you everyone.