April 26, 2019

Bonus Tokens Deadline Extension

After receiving feedback from our community saying that they would like more time accept bonus tokens, we have decided to push back the application dead line to receive bonuses. The initial plan was to close the escrow account to receive bonuses on April 25. However, the final day to transfer JobCoin to the escrow account is May 16.

By transferring your JobCoin to the escrow account and freezing the tokens for 6months(Nov, 16, 2019), you will be able to receive a 20% bonus. If you lock your tokens for an additional 6 months until May 16, 2020 you will receive an additional 30% bonus totaling 50% bonus. On top of the above, JobCoin holders also has the possibility to receive an additional 30% and 50% totaling 80% bonuses by applying to utilize JobCoin as a collateral token on BitKing on Nov 16, 2019 and May 16, 2020 respectively.

By participating in the lock up and applying on BitKing, JobCoin holders can receive a total of 130% bonuses.

Here are the steps to make sure your tokens are in the right escrow account.

Step 1: Send JobCoin to the escrow account address.
* This wallet is different from the initial escrow account address

Step2: Click on the URL below and fill out the information.
1. How many JobCoin are you sending
2. Token holders wallet address (please do not send any JobCoin from an exchange hotwallet)
3. How long do you wish to lock up tokens? (6 months , 1 year)
4. Do you wish to apply to utilize JobCoin as collatoral/leverage on BitKing
5. How many JobCoins do you want to put in collateral?

Step 3: Once the lock up period is up, you will be able to receive the bonus tokens