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The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value.

ICO is the abbreviation of Initial Coin Offering. It means that someone offers investors some units of a new cryptocurrency or crypto-token in exchange against cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Since 2013 ICOs are often used to fund the development of new cryptocurrencies. The pre-created token can be easily sold and traded on all cryptocurrency exchanges if there is demand for them. With the success of Ethereum ICO are more and more used to fund the development of a crypto project by releasing token which is somehow integrated into the project. With this turn, ICO has become a tool that could revolutionize not just currency but the whole financial system. ICO token could become the securities and shares of tomorrow.

ERC stands for Ethereum Request for Comments. This is an official protocol for proposing improvements to the Ethereum network. '20’ is the unique proposal ID number. ERC20 defines a set of rules which need to be met in order for a token to be accepted and called an 'ERC20 Token'. The standard rules apply to all ERC20 Tokens since these rules are required to interact with each other on the Ethereum network. These tokens are blockchain assets that can have value and can be sent and received, like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency.

JobCoin is an ingenious cryptocurrency for all companies and employees. JobCoins purpose is to create an environment where every employee in the world feels safe to work and able to support various workstyles as well as to provide a payment alternative.

The JobCoin will be issued on the Ethereum blockchain and comply with the ERC-20 standard, and will be freely transferable on the Ethereum platform with the usage of developing tools, wallets, and exchanges. The Ethereum platform that is able to illustrate a turing complete smart contract will allow complicated issue restrictions regarding encrypted currency, and provide digital financial contract and automatic incentive structuring. Therefore, Ethereum and JobCoin are a great match due to its advanced functions and active eco system.

The Advance Payment of Salary Equivalent is scheduled to be a fully developed automated system which allows the payment of advances on salaries and other items of considerations an employee is entitled to by transferring the appropriate amount of JobCoins on demand of the respective employee, or automatically in accordance with the time worked. This system allows employees to receive an advance on their wages which are not yet due and payable, but which are earned because of the hours already worked.

The predominant mission of the JobCoin is to reduce poverty and inequality in the world, in particular, but not limited to, through the enhancement of working conditions for lower to middle income workers, industrious immigrants and overseas workers, refugees, poor people from developing countries, etc.

Currently, 1% of wealthy people possess more than half of the world ‘s assets. If those wealthy asset owners, investors, and companies purchase and possess JobCoin, the asset value itself and the value of assets of the poor who received JobCoin as a compensation of labor and incentive etc. will also rise. We hope to build a mechanism to return wealth of the wealthy to the poor by providing investment money to improve financial situations around the world.

JobCoin is issued on Ethereum block chain, complies with the ERC20 standard and its freely assigned on the Ethereum platform. It is an extremely safe means of payment.

JobCoin is scheduled to be able to be exchangeable for legal tender, other more recognized cryptocurrencies, e.g. BitCoin, Ethereum, etc. Furthermore, is shall become able to link with various good and bonus points, e.g. points, as well as credit and debit cards of a different kind as well as with payment settlement systems. What is significant about JobCoin is that it can provide labor compensation or incentives from attendance records and to add on to a payment option. JobCoin can overcome the common issue that many competition faces, acquiring users once cards are issued.

JobCoin allows the payment of advances on salaries and other items of considerations an employee is entitled to by transferring the appropriate amount of JobCoins on demand of the respective employee, or automatically in accordance with the time worked. Companies that introduce this system will receive the Advance Payment of Salary Equivalent complementarily and since JobCoin’s purchased amount that has been distributed to employees by JobCoin etc. are repaid with their earnings, it is an approachable system to be involved in that will merit both the company and employees in numerous ways.

JobCoin Payment holds a block chain technology that benefits stores by providing cheaper transaction fees and allows a real-time payment system that has been a challenge for cryptocurrency payments. This technology already allows 40 million stores worldwide to practice a real-time payment system.

As for companies that issue JobCoin, will benefit from acquiring employees and build big data regarding purchase history and behaviour. JobCoin is planning to utilise the technology of Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) in the healthcare field.JobCoin is working with a team that holds IoT technology which enables cooperation with all hardware and software vendors.These technologies are already in collaboration with Japan’s top-class national and private universities and hospitals.In addition to attendance information, through accumulation as well as comprehensive analysing and evaluation of health status, payment information, and various action history information, we hope to provide new financial and loan services that involve the usage of JobCoin as a neobank. JobCoin will further develop and spread through utilising the technology of IoT and IoMT.

Based on laws and regulations in Japan, we are planning to offer as an incentive for labor and purchasing of loans within the salary equivalent amount instead of salary itself.

50% of the total JobCoins are distributed to the contributors during token sale.

35% of the total JobCoin tokens are assigned to OEM, SDK developers, marketing, sales rebates.

10% of the total JobCoin tokens are for fees and bounty.

5% of the total JobCoin tokens are assigned to funder and teams.