JobCoin Bonus Token Updates

Token holders will be able to receive up to 50% bonus tokens by transferring JobCoin to an escrow account by April 23, 2019. By locking tokens in the escrow account for a half a year(until 10/23/2019) and a year (until 4/23/2020) after transferring, token holders will be able to receive 20% and 30% bonuses respectively totaling 50% bonus tokens.

How to transfer JobCoin to escrow account

Step 1: Transfer JobCoin to JobCoin Escrow account: 0x638920e829b2c3b9DD2142196737868A5906269d

Step2: Please send information below to
1. Total number of JobCoin tokens to be transferred
2. Token holder address
* please be advised that any transfers originating from an exchange hot wallet will not be considered for bonus tokens.
* Please transfer funds from MyEtherWallet
3. Time requested to keep tokens locked in escrow account ( 0.5years/ 1 year)

Step 3: once locked period is over, token holders will be able to withdraw bonuses

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JobCoin will deliver with the purpose of companies to experience an increased number of employees and higher retention rate, and for employees to be able to work in a safe, accepting environment. With the introduction of Advance Wage Payment System, it will enhance the remittance of salaries of migrant workers even to those that do not hold a bank account in their home countries by providing advance wage payments according to worktime spent.

The JobCoin Ecosystem will be structured by the following features, services and applications

Advance Wage Payment System

The Advance Wage Payment System along with increasing labor incentive, number of employees, and higher retention rate for companies.


Easy Remittance of Wages

Facilitating easy remittance of wages of overseas migrant workers even without an bank account


Real-Time Payments

Real-time payments utilized by block chain technology and JobCoin-Payment. Free and borderless transferable


Lower Settlement Fees

Partnering and opening of cryptocurrency exchanges, and providing payment services to stores

Our Mission

We were always thinking global

The predominant mission of the JobCoin is to reduce poverty and inequality in the world, in particular, but not limited to, through the enhancement of working conditions for lower to middle income workers, industrious immigrants and overseas workers, refugees, poor people from developing countries, etc.

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How JobCoin

JobCoin Flow Diagram

JobCoin allows the payment of advances on salaries and other items of considerations an employee is entitled to by transferring the appropriate amount of JobCoin on demand of the respective employee, in accordance with the time worked. Companies introducing this system will be rewarded with a complementary Advance Wage Payment System. Since JobCoin that has been distributed to employees will be repaid with their earnings, it is an approachable system to be involved in that will merit both the company and employees in numerous ways.

Job-Coin Payment will provide effortless and speedy payment in offline and online locations around the world. Job-Coin Payment holds a block chain technology that benefits stores by providing cheaper transaction fees and allows a real-time payment system that has been a challenge for cryptocurrency payments. This technology already allows 40 million stores worldwide to practice a real-time payment system while providing low settlement fees for stores.

It is expected for fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin etc.) to exchange into JobCoins. It will also accept and convert reward points.

The Advance Wage Payment System is a fully developed automated system which allows the payment of advances on salaries and other items of considerations an employee is entitled to by transferring the appropriate amount of JobCoins on demand of the respective employee, or automatically in accordance with the time worked. Many companies have showed interest in this system that allows employees to receive an advance on their wages which are not yet due and payable, but which are earned because of the period of time already worked.

JobCoin provides effortless money transferring for the two billion people in developing countries that do not hold bank accounts. There are 232million people in the world that are immigrants or overseas workers. Many hold background in developing countries, and struggle paying high fees to send money back home. JobCoin will contribute to cost efficient transfers and relieving these people from expensive fees.

The JobCoin will be issued on the Ethereum blockchain and comply with the ERC-20 standard, and will be freely transferable on the Ethereum platform. Therefore, it is a secure payment means.


Auto Charge Function &
Working for Multiple Companies

Setting up the auto charge feature will save time
since a fixed amount of the payment will automatically be charged.

If you are working for multiple companies, you can manage companies that
offer the Advance Payment of Salary Equivalent by using a same ID.

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